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Domain Registration

A domain name is what identifies a website or email address. Domain registration is the first key step of owning a website online which need to be renewed annually by the authorized registrar.

There are two varieties of domain names available:
1. Those finishing with country initials like .nz, .uk and .au (these are called ‘Country Code Top Level Domains’ (ccTLD).
2. Those that end in, for example, .com, .biz, .net and .org (these are known as Generic Top Level Domains’ (gTLD).

Note: If you are a New Zealand based business, have a business targeted at New Zealanders, then co.nz domain name is the obvious choice for you. We at Kiwi Web Studio provide all kind of domain name with all type of TLDs starting from .com to co.nz and etc. We provide customer support to assist their needs in managing their domains such as updating DNS records, adding privacy, updating contact details, etc.

At Kiwi Web Studio, we can do Web Domain registration for you for the best available price on the market, at the same time, if you already have your web domain registered with other domain provider,then we can work with your provider to link the website to our hosting server on behalf of you to make things easier at no extra cost.

We provide the following services with our domain registration service:

• DNS Management
• Domain Forwarding
• Domain Privacy
• Free Subdomains
• Flexible Auto renewals
• Optional Domain Locking
• and More...


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