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Logo Designing

Our designers create logos that are not just unique and one of a kind but we endeavour to create logos that represent the vision of your company. We can create symbol logos, abstract logos and text logos based on our client’s preferences.

Our final logo graphic will be provided in a format required by our clients so that can be used for various purposes such as on a business card, website, brochures, etc.

E-Brochure Designing

An e-brochure is an effective marketing tool that is much more efficient than a printed paper brochure. If you are looking at creating an e-brochure, our team will be able to help you with content development, and also assist you with design concept and artwork design.

E-brochures are also very cost effective in comparison to a traditional paper brochure. E-Brochures can contain text, photos, images, drawings, audio and more, along with contact information, email and web site links. An e-brochure can also be added on to your website for users to download. To view a sample of an e-brochure click here.

The different services offered in this area include: -
• Brochure content development
• Brochure design concepts / ideas
• Brochure printing and packaging


Rich Catalogue improves on the original print with interactive features, such as allowing your customers to flip through your book, and delivers outstanding ROI from increased sales, reuse of existing creative investments, and perfect brand and channel cohesion. You simply provide your creative artwork for your print material to Kiwi Web Studio in standard PDF format. Our exclusive technology extracts your product descriptions, pricing, images and other vital product information and constructs an interactive, online version of your catalogue.

To maximize the full benefit of an interactive catalogue, Kiwi Web Studio can integrate your existing back-end e-commerce system and create an end-to-end online catalogue commerce solution. Additionally, you can offer real-time inventory status and dynamic catalogue content with integration with your other back end systems.

Business Card Designing

Your business card is one of your most important marketing tools.It makes a good first impression to new clients, and offers a friendly reminder of past services to existing ones. We can design business cards in a wide assortment of themes, shapes, colours and styles.

Once the design and template are finalised, we will provide you with a digital format to use online.


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